Two cancer researchers wearing lab coats and safety glasses

Our research is making an impact

The Canadian Cancer Society has a rich legacy of fueling discoveries that have improved how we prevent, diagnose, treat and live with and beyond cancer. In 2019 we invested $42.1 million in innovative and impactful cancer research. This has allowed our researchers to shape scientific knowledge, program delivery, government policy and clinical practice. The discoveries our researchers make will help us create a world where no Canadian fears cancer and help those affected by cancer live longer, fuller lives.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Research Impact Report

Research Impact Report

Our annual Research Impact Report showcases the remarkable work made possible by your donations. With infographics, images and stories about CCS-funded research, this report sheds light on the power of research to deepen our knowledge about cancer and transform the lives of people affected by cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Research Impact Report


These infographics highlight the extent, breadth and geographic reach of our research impact. They also show how our research funding compares to other charities and the expert peer review process that we use to select which research projects to fund.
Investment by cancer type

Investment by cancer type

Infographic about our research funding by region

Investment by region

Infographic about our funding of clinical trials

Clinical trials

Infographic about how we rank in research funding compared to other charities

Leading cancer research funding

Infographic about our expert review process

Expert review process