Cindy Goguen

Cancer never takes a holiday

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Photo: Cindy Goguen, Cancer survivor

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Photo: Cindy Goguen, Cancer survivor

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Help people like Cindy facing cancer during the holidays  

Cindy enjoyed comfort and connection at a CCS lodge during the holidays.
A woman sits centered in front of a camera as she speaks. The shot is close, cropped from chest and up, then further cropped in to show shoulders & up.

VO: Hi, my name is Cindy Goguen. I am a cancer survivor for breast cancer.

Words on Screen:


Breast Cancer Survivor

Shot zooms back out to show the woman chest & up as she speaks to the camera. Cut to photo of outside The Lodge. Cut to video of Cindy shimmying while holding a bell presumably inside The Lodge.

VO: I had the best experience staying at The Lodge. They celebrate Christmas there, they celebrate holidays there.

Fade into a series of 5 photographs including ones of Cindy with her family, outside The Lodge, and celebrating the holidays.

VO: You get to appreciate the holidays more because you are with people that are in the same situation as you and you get to be a unique family. I was able to bring my daughter. We got to be together and be able to celebrate with The Lodge. And it was truly an amazing experience.

Cindy speaks to the camera. Cut to photo of Cindy presumably in The Lodge. Cut to photo of Cindy & her daughter.

VO: Cancer was a very stressful word in our house. And being able to come to The Lodge took a lot of stress off of her.

Cindy speaks to the camera. Cut to a photo of Cindy with party accessories on. Cut back to Cindy speaking to the camera.

VO: The Lodge That Gives continues giving through the holidays. You feel a little bit more that you are a part of the holidays. And it feels like home.

As Cindy finishes speaking, the screen/background changes to yellow and displays the Canadian Cancer Society logo and some text.

Words on Screen:


Neither can we.

*Undesignated donations matched up to $100,000 
**Monthly research donations above $25 per month will be matched for an entire year, up to a total of $200,000.  

Matching donations come from corporate, institutional and individual donors who agree to match donations to specific programs, in order to inspire others to give. Donors may also require CCS to raise matching funds as a condition of their support. In both cases, these matches allow for an even greater impact. For more information about matching, and our partners, please visit Your donation will support cancer research and compassionate support programs. In the event the donations raised exceed the total funding need, CCS will redirect funds to where needed the most.