A female researcher in a lab, working with 2 other male researchers.

Help save lives and transform the future of cancer. 

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Our Approach

Building on our 70-plus year legacy of fueling discoveries, our approach to funding research is driven by our commitment to helping people live longer, fuller lives.
A female researcher conducting experiment at a lab.

Our research philosophy

Research can transform the future of cancer. Our research philosophy is built on that knowledge, and guided by our desire to improve outcomes for all Canadians, in all communities. Learn more about our research philosophy and why we’re funding research across the cancer experience and across all cancer types.

A female researcher conducting experiment at a lab.
A female cancer researcher typing into a touch screen and holding a vial in a lab.

Partnering to extend our impact

Cancer is a set of complex diseases with many different causes. While we’ve come so far in our understanding of cancer, we must continue to work together to accelerate research that will effect change.  Through collaborations with trusted and like-minded partners, we can leverage our investments to prevent more cancers and create a better future for the nearly half of Canadians who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

A female cancer researcher typing into a touch screen and holding a vial in a lab.

Our research portfolio

In 2020, we invested $46.8 million in our diverse portfolio of research grants and awards, which included support for projects ranging from improving cancer prevention and early detection, to cancer survivorship, and much more. Explore some of the grants and awards we fund across Canada.

Provide your input on research funding

If you have an experience of cancer, you have expertise that can help us ensure research funding decisions are relevant and impactful to people affected by cancer. Your input can help us make more equitable, relevant decisions in research funding. You are important in helping us build and share knowledge on engagement so that the way we fund research, and the research we fund, gets better and better.