Our corporate partners

We know that groundbreaking research and the delivery of our programs and services to support Canadians to live healthier lives can’t be done alone. We extend our thanks to the outstanding commitment of our corporate partners that help us with our efforts to unite and inspire all Canadians to take control of cancer.  

Visionary Partner 

Visionary Partner demonstrate a national partnership that is most significant, long-standing and transformative in championing world leading outcomes in cancer prevention , treatment and support.

Groundbreaking Partner

Groundbreaking Partners demonstrate their commitment to all Canadians that life is bigger than cancer.

Excellence Partner 

Excellence Partners help to demonstrate their thoughtful impact in their efforts to 
improve the lives of Canadians affected by cancer.

Inspiration Partner

Inspiration Partners demonstrate their passion to help Canadians live their lives as fully as possible.

Champion Partner

Champion Partners demonstrate the commitment in thriving for better outcomes for Canadians living with cancer. 

Guiding Partners

Guiding Partners demonstrate compassion in partnership in support of our vision.

Caring Partner

Help us continue improve our work and impact in cancer research and support services.

Want to learn more about a partnership with Canadian Cancer Society? 

Contact us to see how your company can make a difference and show Canadians that life is bigger than cancer.