Lodge provides positive vibes

Kelowna Lodge
When Warren Waseen envisioned his prostate cancer treatment, he certainly didn’t picture long walks, cheerful banter, and singing. But that’s what he remembers most about his recovery at a CCS lodge, which you made possible with your donations. 
Warren’s journey began when his doctor advised he take a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. The ensuing diagnosis of prostate cancer left him in disbelief; but that quickly turned to fear when he learned he had to travel far from home to receive radiation treatment.  
Fortunately, Warren was able to stay at a CCS lodge, a warm and supportive environment for people with cancer who need to travel for treatment.  
“Everybody would talk over breakfast and supper, we went outside for walks, and it was such a good feeling to talk to other people with their own cancer stories,” he says. 
Warren also credits the accommodating and welcoming staff for helping him to heal: “They were all cheerful and singing, and they made it such a friendly atmosphere.  
“I don’t know how to say thank you enough,” says Warren. “Places like the lodge save lives.”