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Quebec is making progress on tobacco control


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) commends the Government of Quebec and its Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, for increasing the specific tax on tobacco products, an announcement made as part of its 2024-2025 Budget. For a second consecutive year, the government is increasing the tax on these products, welcome news for fostering tobacco control in the province.

“It’s important to keep in mind that Quebec has a target of 10% of smokers by 2025. So it’s essential to take decisive action to achieve this objective,” asserted David Raynaud, Senior Manager, Advocacy at CCS. “Increasing the specific tax on tobacco products is the best lever available to the government to reduce the number of smokers in Quebec.”

Despite this increase, it should be noted that Quebec remains the province that taxes tobacco products the least in the country, at $41.80 for 200 cigarettes, while the Canadian average is around $60. Although this increase shows that tobacco control is a priority for the government, further efforts will be required to reach Quebec’s 10% target by next year. According to the latest data, the smoking rate in Quebec was 13% in 2022, compared to 12% across Canada.

Taxation remains the best tool to dissuade the population and reduce the number of smokers in Quebec. It should be underscored that smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer, resulting in 13,000 deaths annually, 30% from cancer. Tobacco products generate an estimated $3.8 billion in costs per year in Quebec.

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