Livestream fundraising

Join fundraisers, gamers and streamers across the country who are helping provide hope for Canadians affected by cancer. 

Take action. Go live.

Running a livestreaming fundraiser can be a great way to use your own unique skills and interests to change the future for Canadians who are affected by cancer.

Mobilize the support of your family, friends, and followers by doing what you do best… 

  • Are you a piano virtuoso? Livestream a concert. 
  • Can you interview your quasi-famous aunt? Stream it. 
  • Can you go for hours on the Peloton®? Prove it. 
Whether you’re new to livestreaming or you already have a community of followers, it's easy to stream for a good cause. 

Decide on what to livestream 

The first step to planning your fundraiser is deciding what to stream. What can you do that will get your friends and followers to tune in? 

  • Can you beat your favourite game blindfolded? Are you on your way to a speed running world record? 
  • With enough time, can you land that crazy ping-pong trick-shot?
  • Can you turn your band's next jam session into a stream to support people living with cancer?

Set up your streaming campaign 

Go to the Canadian Cancer Society's Tiltify page and create a personal or team campaign.

Set your fundraising goal - make it realistic, but don’t be afraid to be ambitious! Your community will rally with you to push you to your target.  

Get streaming for good 

  • Post online explaining when and why you're doing a livestream fundraiser. Don't forget to add a Tiltify donation link and tag @cancersociety to let us know!
  • Create your own in-stream rewards for large donations and milestones to celebrate the small victories.
  • Use our talking points below to let your viewers know why their support is needed and the impact their donation makes.
A photo of Geoff a young online fundraiser

Meet Geoff

Geoff has always loved gaming, but when his mother-in-law passed away from brain cancer, Geoff decided to turn his passion into action.

He created an online gaming stream to fundraise for brain cancer research. He hosted a 24-hour livestream to his followers, which raised $2,400 and allowed the community to come together to play video games and support each other as they discussed their own cancer experiences.

"I want others to have what I lost: time. More time with the people they love, more time to make memories, more time to live their lives,” says Geoff. “Cancer is a horrible disease that has impacted everyone in some way, I hope that this little fundraiser can help with ongoing research to provide more time for others.”