New decade, new avenues in cancer treatment

Launched: December 1, 2021
Length: 30 minutes
Dr Xavier Deschênes-Simard MD, CM, PhD

Webinar overview: How can living cells help treat cancer? Watch this Expert Angle webinar to learn about living therapies, including cell therapy and microbiotherapy. Dr Xavier Deschênes-Simard explains how they work and why they are an exciting new area of research in cancer treatment.


Dr Xavier Deschênes-Simard MD, CM, PhD – Resident physician in hemato-oncology at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR).

Dr Xavier Deschênes-Simard obtained a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Montreal in 2014. His research has helped us better understand important molecular weapons the human body uses against cancer and how they can be developed as new therapies. He went on to complete a doctorate in medicine at McGill University, followed by a residency in internal medicine. He is currently completing a subspecialty residency in hematology.

Xavier Deschênes-Simard

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