5 reasons why we should talk about testicular cancer 

The idea of talking about testicular cancer with friends, family or even your healthcare provider may make you uncomfortable. But it’s a conversation that is an important part of taking care of your health or the health of someone you love, because when testicular cancer is found early, it increases the chances of successful treatment. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important for all of us – not just men – to talk more openly about testicles and testicular cancer.

A group of men are talking together

1. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about  

People can find it difficult to talk about their bodies, especially parts that seem private, like testicles. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about – testicles are just another body part, especially to your healthcare provider. By talking about them without embarrassment or shame, we can reduce the stigma that makes it hard to have conversations around testicular health.

2. It was estimated that 1,200 Canadian men would be diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2022   

Many lives are impacted each year when people are diagnosed with testicular cancer. By creating a future where we’re comfortable talking about testicular cancer, we can help make sure that people who receive a diagnosis get the support they need and also raise awareness for prevention and early detection.

3. Anyone with testicles can get testicular cancer   

Testicular cancer is often described as a men’s health issue, but anyone with testicles can be diagnosed with testicular cancer. Talking openly and inclusively about testicular cancer spreads awareness to everyone.

4. It’s important to know what’s right for your testicles  

The best time to see if your testicles feel normal to you is just after a warm bath or shower when they move lower and are relaxed. Many cases of testicular cancer are discovered when changes in the testicles are reported to a healthcare provider.

5. People who have testicular cancer need support during and after treatment 

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. People with testicular cancer may experience issues with their fertility, sexuality and self-esteem during and after treatment. Supportive care from friends and family, as well as from cancer support services, can help them cope with these issues.

How you can change the future of testicular cancer  

Becoming more comfortable talking about testicular cancer is an important step in changing how it impacts people across Canada. But you can also make a direct impact on the future of testicular cancer by making a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Your money funds groundbreaking cancer research and a nationwide support system for anyone impacted by cancer.