The Canadian Cancer Society launches Collective Strides

Kids walking to school

Promoting health and a healthy lifestyle has always been a priority for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), and we know that adopting a healthy, active lifestyle from childhood can help reduce the risk of cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among young people, CCS is launching the Collective Strides, a banner that unites its two flagship active transportation projects: the Trottibus and the On Your Feet Challenge. By combining these two initiatives under a common brand, CCS hopes to ensure better cohesion between the transportation projects while enriching its offer.

To mark the launch of Collective Strides, CCS has teamed up with Jonathan le Prof, a popular history teacher who is passionate about his students’ well-being, to release a digital campaign from August 19 to September 11, 2023.

An ever-relevant mission

It’s a well known fact than over 60% of 5-17 year-old young Canadians don't meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity1. A simple and effective way to increase these levels among youth is the use of active transportation, particularly to get to school. This practice contributes to improved overall health and creates opportunities for participants to bond with their peers and their community, while reducing air pollution.

Another well known fact is that cancer can be prevented. 4 out of  10 cancer cases can be prevented by 2042 if Canadians were to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be exposed to less air pollution2. CCS is committed to pursuing its cancer prevention and health promotion efforts by offering Canadians turnkey projects, such as Collective Strides.

The Trottibus is heading for a fresh new start

After 13 years on the road, the Trottbius is getting its second wind! Old and new project participants will soon discover our improved Trottibus brand, which will be integrated into the new umbrella brand, Collective Strides. the Trottibus team will be busy building tools to make implementing the project in schools a whole lot easier for the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

A renewed experience with the On Your Feet Challenge

Primary and secondary school participants can expect lots of new features to be rolled out for the On Your Feet Challenge: an improved website, an interactive platform and an evolving and inclusive brand image.

When the 2023-2024 school year kicks off, CCS will be inviting school staff members to sign up their school for the On Your Feet Challenge. From October 16 to November 10, CCS will challenge schools to rack up 6,000 active transportation kilometres, the equivalent of a coast-to-coast trip across Canada,over a four-week period using active transportation.

To learn more about Collective Strides or to take part in the Canadian Cancer Society's active transportation programs, visit