Canadian Cancer Society lodge offers a haven during hard times

Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald
When Tom MacDonald learned his prostate cancer had returned – and that his treatment would be 700 kilometres from his home and last 7 weeks – he was worried about how he could afford to travel and stay out of town for so long. 

Fortunately, Tom found the support he needed when he learned about the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) lodge where he could stay for his entire course of cancer treatment – and that your donations help make possible.
Not only did this relieve his financial stress, it also gave him a built-in network of support that was so helpful in getting through his cancer treatment.
“The staff at the lodge were just wonderful,” says Tom. “After I’d been there for a while, I would see staff out and about, and they’d always invite me to join them as they knew I was on my own.”

Tom is grateful that the lodge was there for him when he needed a home away from home.
“A lot of people who live in rural communities have to travel for everything and couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel for seven weeks,” he explains. “I met people from all over the province and a number of retired folks who would be out of luck if the lodges didn’t exist. Thank you for making the lodges possible.”