Revolutionizing brain cancer diagnosis

Dr Farzad Khalvati
Dr Farzad Khalvati
Artificial Intelligence (AI) may sound futuristic and bring to mind science fiction movies, but innovative Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) funded researchers are thinking of it in a different way: what if we could use AI to diagnose childhood brain cancer earlier, less painfully, and use it to determine personalized treatment strategies to save more lives?

With your support, CCS-funded researcher Dr Farzad Khalvati is doing just that! He and his team are exploring and developing new, cutting-edge technology to provide a non-invasive and fast way to look at the genetic features of slow-growing gliomas — the most common type of childhood brain cancer.

Using AI to analyze MRI scans, Dr Khalvati and his team are creating technology to provide critical information to help doctors understand how the cancer will affect the child, how it will respond to treatment, and determine the best treatment plan — without the need for painful and invasive biopsies.

“With the support of donors, we are using AI to uncover valuable information in MRI scans that may be otherwise invisible to doctors — it’s like seeing the images through a pair of AI-powered glasses,” says Dr Khalvati. “What excites me is the real impact that our research can have on the quality of life of patients, especially children.” 

With your support to improve childhood cancer detection and diagnosis, this revolutionary solution could help save and improve the lives of children facing brain cancer.