CCS community lets people "be themselves"

Nadia Headley
Nadia Headley
When 30-year-old Nadia Headley was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made a firm decision: she would not let cancer define her.

"Cancer could take my body, my time, my money, but it wasn't going to take my personality or my smile,” says Nadia. “I got to choose my attitude and my own way, and that had to come from within me.”

While Nadia had her loving family by her side, she was grateful to find additional support via – an online community you helped fund. Here, she connected with others affected by cancer, and was able to share her own experiences and build supportive relationships.

"Being able to talk with people who had similar experiences was comforting,” recalls Nadia. “I would share really positive, funny anecdotes, which I found really helpful. It was amazing to be part of a forum that gave other people permission to be themselves.”

Today, Nadia is doing well and has completed her chemotherapy. She remains optimistic and still refuses to let her diagnosis define her.

Thank you for ensuring CCS can provide caring and compassionate programs and services so people like Nadia don’t have to face breast cancer alone.