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The Canadian Cancer Society launches its Daffodil Campaign with a surprise performance by Amélie Beyries 


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) officially marked the kickoff of Daffodil Month, held every spring, with a touching concert at the Place-des-Arts metro station. This campaign aims to raise essential donations to fund research projects, support services and public health policies that improve the quality of life of people living with cancer. 

Wednesday afternoon, talented singer-songwriter Amélie Beyries, herself a breast cancer survivor, joined her voice to the cancer cause by delivering an unforgettable surprise performance. 

“We’re delighted to launch our Daffodil Campaign this year with such a touching performance from Amélie Beyries,” said Isabelle Girard, Director of Communications for Quebec and French Canada at the CCS. “Her commitment as a breast cancer survivor and her support for our cause is an inspiration to us all.” 

The CCS is also delighted to announce that Amélie has chosen to share her talent and musical poetry to promote the CCS’s efforts by agreeing to be Ambassador of the Daffodil Campaign. 

"When I was 28, I received a cancer diagnosis that changed my life. This year, I’ve decided to speak for the Canadian Cancer Society because now more than ever, we need each other to face this disease. We all know someone who has or has had cancer, or who sadly passed away from it. People with cancer are surrounded by healers, caretakers and consolers. Then there are the researchers who rack their brains and pour their hearts into their work, and all the supporters and donors. It takes a world. It takes a society. Let's come together to take on cancer," says Amélie Beyries. 

In 2023, there were an estimated 59,500 new cancer cases and 22,500 deaths in Quebec alone. These numbers highlight the severity of this disease and the critical importance of supporting the CCS's research and awareness efforts. 

Among the researchers supported by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Dr. Guy Sauvageau from the Université de Montréal stands out for his innovative cancer research work. In October 2023, Dr. Sauvageau received a grant from the CCS for his groundbreaking research project to develop an innovative cancer treatment which specifically targets cancer cells without harming normal cells. Based on the use of two compounds, this innovative treatment could transform current therapeutic approaches by providing a non-toxic and effective alternative for a wide range of cancers.

“If this project is successful, the outcome could be life-changing and life-saving, providing a better quality of life for people who have cancers with low survival rates, such as lung, pancreatic, and liver cancer. Funding research innovation is truly crucial if we hope to cure cancer some day,” asserted Dr. Sauvageau. 

Like various other projects funded through donations, the latter could revolutionize cancer treatments by delivering promising outcomes without the harmful side effects of conventional treatments. This cutting-edge work would also propel Canadian innovation to the forefront of cancer research worldwide. 

This spring, bring hope to people with cancer and their loved ones. Visit our website to donate and help save lives. 

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The Canadian Cancer Society works tirelessly to save and improve lives. We raise funds to fuel the brightest minds in cancer research. We provide a compassionate support system for all those affected by cancer, across Canada and for all types of cancer. Together with patients, supporters, donors and volunteers, we work to create a healthier future for everyone. Because to take on cancer, it takes all of us. It takes a society.  

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