Questions about cervical cancer screening from LGBTQ community

I've had bottom surgery. Do I still need to get screened?

If you have had colpectomy (removal of the vagina) or colpocleisis (closure of the vagina) as part of bottom surgery such as metoidioplasty, you cannot have a Pap test. These procedures occur after (or as part of) a full hysterectomy, during which your cervix would have been removed.

If you have a history of cervical dysplasia or cervical cancer, you should discuss this with your surgeon and other healthcare providers before surgery.

I'm on T. Do I still need a Pap test?
Yes. If you're 21 or older, have a cervix and are sexually active, you need to be screened for cervical cancer whether or not you're taking testosterone (T). Being on T doesn’t affect your risk of developing cervical cancer. It can, however, cause changes in the cells of your cervix that may mimic cervical dysplasia. For this reason, it’s important that your healthcare provider and the lab analyzing your Pap test know that you are taking T.